1. //Slacker…//

    Well not exactly… I may have been slack with my blog updates for the past 7 months (7 months!?!), but I’ve been super busy doing illustration drawing things. Honestly!

  2. //Nooma the Witch//

    Here’s another WIP Hinterfolk character – Nooma the Witch. I’m making him a shredded-fabric cloak at the moment. He’s sinister and speaks in a high pitched scream…

  3. //Mini Interview with Jackie Magpie Blog//

    Here’s a link to a mini interview I did last Friday with Jackie Magpie blog!

  4. //My Playgrounds//

    When I get asked about where I get the inspiration for a lot of my characters from, I often say ‘the landscapes around where I live’.

    Need I say any more…?

  5. //Rubber stamp ahoy-hoy!//

    I’ve been stamp-happy since I received my new custom rubber stamp from Blade Rubber Stamps – sit still long enough I’ll get you!

  6. //Shaman Hinterfolk + new logo//

    Available here.

  7. //Oh Comely Magazine Film Night Poster//

    I was recently asked by Oh Comely Magazine to produce a poster for the first of their new film nights. The film I was given was Almost Famous, and here’s the finished article.

  8. //Making Antlers…//

    I’ve been making antlers for some new characters to add to my Hinterfolk.

  9. //Starting out on their journey//

    I’ve been busy packing Hinterfolk orders!

  10. //Hinterfolk on Design*Sponge//

    My Hinterfolks are featured on Design*Sponge today, with a lovely writeup! Go take a gander :)